Friday, September 26, 2014

Mercy Border Quilt Finished

Our first year of PQA, we did our Mercy Border Quilt project.
Basically, each person made a center square and then we swapped each month and a new border was added to it.  Our quilt was growing at the "mercy" of whoever was putting on the next border.
It was actually very fun and we saw some amazing borders.
Well, this is mine.  I started with a Circle of Geese block in the center and this is how it grew.
 I wanted it to grow into a rectangle, so half way through the year I added the two mini Circle of Geese strips to each end, and it continued to grow...
 It ended up being just barely smaller than a king size!!
Much bigger than I intended but it has a great drape on the sides of my bed.
I love the colors too.
What a fun project that was!!

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Lynette said...

This has such fabulous colors - love the way you morphed it into a rectangle. And a good drape over the edge of the bed is a very good thing! :)