Saturday, June 19, 2010

It Is Finished - Looking for Summer

I've called it "Looking for Summer" because I've been working on it throughout winter and this long spring as we impatiently wait for summer to arrive.  It seems that spring has over stayed it's welcome this year and I am ready for the bright sun shiny days of summer.  So here is my bright sun shiny quilt as we are "Looking for Summer."
There is a story behind this lovely gem:
Auntie was a member of a cotton club about 25 years ago where members received a sampling of four inch cotton squares on a regular basis.  She collected these squares for years.  Some time ago when she learned that I enjoyed sewing too, she gave me her box full of about a thousand four inch squares.  They were all so beautiful and unique.  I would get them out just to play - sort - admire - drool over them.  I finally decided to design a quilt so I could use some of them.  I still have hundreds left for another project someday.  I sorted out the brightest ones I could find in the collection and came up with my new beauty. 
I'm in love with it!
I tried a new basting method for me.  I usually do the, lay it out on the floor and pin the heck out of it, method but not this time.  I wanted to try fusible batting on this one and see if I might get less puckers.  I think I'm in love!  It was so easy to put together.  I ironed in together and just pinned around the edges for security.  It held together throughout the entire quilting process and I had ZERO puckers!  Yes, I will use that again.
I bound it with strips of bright scraps to add to the colorfulness.  It measures 66 x 78" and my daughter has already spoken for it so it's first home will be on her bed.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yippee!! My First Win!!

See!  All that commenting to enter give-aways paid off.  I got my first win from Vanessa at V & Co..  I can't wait to receive the patterns and fabric in the mail from Green Fairy Quilts.
Thank you!  Thank you!
My kids are vacuuming and I just won more stuff to sew... This is turning out to be a great day!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm working on it...

So lately I've been sitting more at my sewing machine than at my computer, (I'd rather be sewing anyway) because I'm in the middle of something great!  It has lots of bright colors and some white too.
It's nearly finished so come back soon and I'll show you what I've made.  There a story behind this one too.