Friday, September 26, 2014

Mercy Border Quilt Finished

Our first year of PQA, we did our Mercy Border Quilt project.
Basically, each person made a center square and then we swapped each month and a new border was added to it.  Our quilt was growing at the "mercy" of whoever was putting on the next border.
It was actually very fun and we saw some amazing borders.
Well, this is mine.  I started with a Circle of Geese block in the center and this is how it grew.
 I wanted it to grow into a rectangle, so half way through the year I added the two mini Circle of Geese strips to each end, and it continued to grow...
 It ended up being just barely smaller than a king size!!
Much bigger than I intended but it has a great drape on the sides of my bed.
I love the colors too.
What a fun project that was!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Rainbow Birthday

My sweet little "L" turned seven!
I can't believe how time flies.

My Mom, who taught me to sew and who loves to quilt like me, made her this beautiful quilt for her birthday.  When Grandma asked what what she liked she said, "rainbows and butterflies!"
Can you tell?  You almost can't even see her with her rainbow dress on too. ;)
The center of each rainbow square is butterflies with glitter.
(Glitter would definitely be on her list of favorites too.)
 Grandma hit that nail right on the head.
It was love at first sight!

She was even excited to read the label on the back to us all.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!
(Thanks, Mom!)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Brother!

So, my neighbor took her car into the shop for routine oil change 
and came home with a brand new car. 
After chatting with her and ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the beautiful new ride, 
I went back to my sewing....
On my new Brother.

Then I busted up laughing!!
I did the same thing!!!
I took my old Bernina into the sewing machine shop to fix a repeat problem...
And came out with a brand new machine!!!!
A gorgeous new Brother!
I'm in love all over again.

Happy Stitching!
I am!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Elephant Swoon #8 and #9

The last two Elephant blocks are done!!

I really love this one.  It is so rich and hits me inside somewhere....

This one is just BOLD!!

All nine are done and now I can start putting the quilt top together.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Projects - 2013

This Christmas, I made a whole mess of aprons for gifts.
Here's the kid's collection:
I made four girl's aprons but they were all pink and purple just like those, and then the three boys "Monster Smocks."
The girls patterns came right out of my little head.  Maybe I'll have to write it up some day to share.  The boys "Monster Smock" pattern I found at JoAnn's a while ago.  The mouth is a pocket!!
So Cute, huh!! 

Next up is the men's collection - for three brother's in law.
(What a handsome model! work it, Work it!)  ;)

And the women's collection:
For three sister's in law... and one for me, of course.  
I loved them all but I kept the orange and blue one for me.  ;)
Yes, I made up that pattern too.  
It's actually a simple variation of the men's pattern that I bought years ago.

Here's some more of those adorable pot holders.
These two sets I made for my Mom and sister as part of their 12 gifts of Christmas set.

This is their 12 Gifts of Christmas!
-magnetic note pads
-note cards
-hot pads
-Lindt chocolates
-glass magnets
-eos chapstick
-Hersheys candycane white chocolate bars
-framed picture
-silicone basting brushes
-tic tacs
I know that's 13 items but two of them I wrapped together.
I did 12 little packages all inside one big box.
It was a lot of fun!  I think I might do it again next year with some other fun goodies.

It was a Merry Christmas!