Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Not Your Momma's Denim Quilt

For Parma Quilter's Anonymous, I got to add a border to this fabulous denim quilt.
 The center square that started it all - the denim rectangle with the wheel in the middle.
Each border was added by a different member of the group.
Some scraps of 1930 reproduction fabric was provided for us to use in our borders.  That really made for nice continuity throughout. 
There's the border I added.  I used some light and dark blue denim and some red denim for the squares and the some scrappy strips in between them.
The whole thing... It's getting quite large.  Good thing we are nearing the end of the year.
As an after thought, I decided to add something to that wide solid border (with permission).
I appliqued some simple little circles with buttons to match others that were on the quilt.  Those will look so cute when the quilt is washed and they fray a bit.

 Can you just imagine a fantastic picnic spread on that someday...
 Love it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Mosaics

Well, International Friendship Quilters (IFQ) has closed it's doors.  (And has opened new ones in the form of a yahoo group.)  I'm sad to see it go but I understand that life does get in the way of things, even for those wonderful people who put together these fun quilter's meeting places.

These are the last few Mosaic blocks that I've been able to swap.
These are the ones I've send to others:

And these are the blocks I've received:
I just love all the great fabric combinations that these great ladies have put together to go with my center.
 Don't you agree!
 This last one is from Barb.  I was blown away by her generosity.  Since IFQ is done, she sent me some extra fabric that matches my theme so I can make a few more blocks to finish the quilt.  Can you believe it?   Great people like that make me happy.
Thanks again, Barb.
Happy Stitching!