Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hooded Towel with Pleats

I went to a baby shower recently for the mother of twin baby girls who will arrive in a few weeks.  I pulled out a favorite gift/project to make for them and I thought I'd try a tutorial of it for anyone interested.
1 bath towel
1 wash cloth
  ** I found some towels and matching wash cloths at Walmart.  You can use any combination that you like.

Find the center of the long side of the towel and mark it with a pin.

Use your ruler and measure 2 1/4 inches from the center and mark this spot with a pin.
This point will be a fold.
Fold the towel over with the second pin as your fold marker. 
Then fold the towel back with the fold point near the center.  Pin this first pleat in place.
Your folding should look something like this:
Use your ruler again and measure 2 1/4 inches from the edge of the first pleat and mark this point.
Repeat what you did to make the first pleat, to make a second.
You don't want the edges of the pleats to overlap because it will be too bulky.  They should be just next to each other.

Now, do all of this over again on the other side of the center pin, folding it toward the center.

With matching thread, sew along the edge of the towel to keep the pleats in place.
Go carefully with all that extra bulk.  I broke two needles with this project trying to hurry it.
It should look something like this:
This is the front of the towel.  You'll need to know that later on.

Set the towel aside and find your wash cloth.
If your wash cloth has more of a design or picture you want to show, you can adjust this part to fit your needs.

Place the wash cloth with the right side up. Fold down the top about 1/3 of the way - right sides together.  

Now, fold down each top corner, like this:

I pinned it on the inside because I turned mine right sides out to sew but you can pin it and sew it on either side.  Which ever is easier for you.

I turned mine right side out and sewed along the edge of the cloth.
Hopefully, you have something like this:

Next, lay out your towel so the sewn edge is closer to you and the back is up. (The front has the pleat folds right up to the middle.)

Lay the wash cloth over the edge of the towel about 1 1/2 inches or so and pin it in place.
Sew it along the edge of the wash cloth (from the black pin, following the red pins to the other black pin).  Try to keep the pleats in place but they don't have to be perfect.

Next, turn the towel over and sew across the edge of the towel.

That should do it!  I hope this made some sense.  Please let me know if anything is unclear.
Enjoy your little ones wrapped in a new towel.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Give Aways!

Some great new fabric is being given away to someone lucky -- I hope it's me -- but you can try your luck too.  This is at Lila Tueller Designs:

Also, at Stray Stitches there is more fantastic fabric up for grabs.  Give that a try too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My First Swaps

Since I'm pretty new to blog-land, I have recently entered my first quilty swaps.  I joined International Friendship Quilters and there are lots of different events and activities that you can join and have fun with.
The first swap I joined is the Framed Hexagon Swap.
This is my first attempt:
And this is the one I received from my partner in Australia!  Isn't it Beautiful!!

I had so much fun with my first swap that I wanted to do more.
I signed up for the Mosaic Color Play Swap.  My partner sent me the middle square and I had to pull together three other fabrics that would make a 12.5 in block.
This is what I came up with using her center block:
 And this is what I received in the mail from my partner in S. Carolina using my center block.  I love the colors she put together.
 What fun this is!  I'm already working on my next swaps...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Mercy Border Block

The ladies in our little town have started a quilting group and we call ourselves:  Parma Quilters Anonymous.  We have a lot of fun together too.  This year we decided on an ongoing activity and we're going to call it the Mercy Border Quilt.  Basically, we each brought a center block for our quilt to our first meeting and then we all pass it on to someone else and that person will add a border to it.  Next  month it will be passed on again and hopefully by the end of the year we will each have a quilt made of a central block surrounded by borders made by each person in the group.  We are at the mercy of the person who adds the next border - hence the name.  I'm really excited about this project!  Here's my center block:
I can't wait to see it again.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Procrastinator - ME!

Yes - I am an admitted procrastinator.
I got involved in a Block of the Month from a local quilt store that ended in October.
I just finished it.
Here are the first nine that I did before I started this blog:
This BOM was a study in the use of Thangles.  I had never used them before so it was great to learn a new technique and really get to use them in different ways.
Thangles are a nifty way for making half-square and quarter-square triangles.  You use a paper foundation and layer your fabric on it and then sew on the lines.  Pretty easy, really!
Here are the last three that I finished yesterday:
Now I've got to figure out what to do with them next.
I'll do that later....  :)

Pity Party

Well, call it a pity party or just a splurge... Whatever.
I spent countless hours entering dozens of Sew-Mama-Sew give-aways (there were hundreds) in December and, oh the goodies that were out there to be had!  I can't tell you of the visions of sugar plums that danced in my head - or the chickens I counted before they were hatched.
My luck has apparently completely ran out because I didn't win a single thing.  I'm sure I'm the only person in all of quilt blogging world that walked away empty handed.
So, what does a girl in my pitiful situation do?  Throw pity party and go buy myself some gifts!
I made up for it in our local JoAnn's at their New Year's sale and bought some good stuff!
I feel much better.  :)
And, yes, I will still continue to enter those silly give-aways with the glimmer of hope that my luck will change.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Give Aways!

There's a fun, colorful give away over at Stray Stitches.
Go take a look!