Thursday, February 16, 2012

January's Blocks

I've decided to approach my quilting projects a little different in 2012.
I really enjoy the swaps that I'm in and I came to realize that the reason why I like them is because I feel like I've finished something each time.  Even if it's only a 12 inch block or hexi-flower.  It fills a need - a need to feel like I'm accomplishing something.
So, I've decided to set specific goals each month for each different project including some that have been sitting neglected for a long time.  That way, by accomplishing small steps I'll eventually get some big projects done.
So, here's the ones I checked off my to-do list in January:
 My swap commitments are first priority.  The above block I sent to Heather G. for the Block Swap Adventure (BSA).  (I still haven't seen or heard anything from her????)
 These hexi-flowers are for Paula O. for the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.

Those are my two swaps.  Now on to my projects.
 I made 15 of these Hole in the Barn Door blocks in January.  They got a little monotonous so I think I'll skip them in Feb. and do them again in March.  They are all blues and whites and I think they will look great when they are in a quilt together.

The block I requested from my BSA partners for 2011 were sailboat blocks.  It's been fun to see all the different ones I've received.  Well, unfortunately, some of my partners didn't follow through on the commitment so I'm making a few to fill in the gaps.  Here's the January addition:
 Isn't that a great sailboat!

And continuing the animal blocks I started last year too...
Here are the lions:
 Instead of embroidering the faces and tails, I painted them.
It was much easier for me and looks great.

For Parma Quilters Anonymous this year, we are doing a block swap similar to BSA.
This is the block I've chosen and I'm making one for myself each month so I'll have more than just 12 at the end of the year.  That will make a bigger quilt.
 I forgot to take a picture of the blocks I made for my partner in Jan.  I made two Card Trick blocks in Christmas fabrics and they turned out amazing.  I think Rula loved them.

I made a bunch of string blocks and little nine-patches to add to a long neglected quilt.
 And I made a bunch of these pieces too for another UFO.

Well, those are my accomplishments for January.  I don't have a completed quilt to show off but I feel great about making some progress on lots of projects.