Monday, June 4, 2012

April's Accomplishments

April's finishes are much like the last few months because I'm working a little on each project.  It may seem like reruns to you but to me is baby steps forward.  This may be the last one of these posts for a while... I'll explain later.

Let's start off with my swaps:

BSA:  I received this fantastic block from Barbara S.
This is the block I made for her.  I really like how it came out.  It's going to be part of an amazing quilt. 

For the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap, I received these from Linda G.
One has bananas and the other has little bees.  Cute!
 These ones I sent to Simona S. in Croatia.  She just asked for bright colors.

In PQA, we decided to do a surprise set of blocks for one of our ladies.  She has had to drop out of our group due to health issues so instead of leaving her behind, we finished her blocks all in one month.  She asked for simple nine-patches with pastels.  These are the three I made for her.

I made these two for my PQA swap partner this month, Sheryl.
 And, these are two more of my own pattern to add to my collection.

On to my on-going projects.
More wonky botany diamonds.

I took all of those crazy mosaic blocks and put them together in a top.
I don't know... kinda makes my eyes go wild.
I just need a back for this one and then I'll quilt it and have it finished.
It might be a good one for the tv room or even the camp trailer...

So, starting in June, our family will be on a summer-long adventure.  We will be working as counselors at a summer camp.  We are so excited about this opportunity.  Especially for the fun we will have with our kids in the mountains.  I will be able to take my sewing machine along (I'm going to need some personal therapy time), and there are some cute little fabric shops in the nearby town.  I plan to continue swapping blocks and doing whatever sewing I can so I'll post here with some of my "sewing in the mountains" adventures.

Happy Stitching,