Thursday, December 6, 2012

Code Name: SQ

This has been a secret for months... known as "SQ."
I can finally reveal it to the world!
I have a dear friend named Stacey.  Her husband came to me early in the year - maybe February! - and asked me to make a quilt for her birthday - in November!
The problem was that Stacey is not really a patchwork quilty kind of person... 
more of a lacy, elegant type.
I searched and searched for the perfect pattern that would fit her personality.  
Nothing seemed right.
She had pinned one similar to this one on Pinterest and it hit me that this had to be IT!
I set out to recreate it.

After months of hand work... Ta Da!
It's made of two king-size sheets sewn together.  Finished size: Queen.  Color: bone.
Each pucker I had to sew by hand.
Then we (my wonderful husband and I) tied the entire thing by hand at each pucker.
(That was a long weekend but I could't have done it without him.  He's my favorite consultant on any project.)
I had to make a throw pillow to go with it.
It is made of two pillowcases.
The quilt was from her husband, but the pillow was from me.

Oh, I just love it!
She did too!
Isn't it lovely!
Happy Birthday, Stacey!