Thursday, November 8, 2012

For those in Need

I know, it's been a while since I've been on here.  We had a wonderful summer at scout camp and we all made it back alive.  We returned in time to get ready for school and normal life has had us spinning in circle ever since.
Not so much though that I haven't squeezed in some sewing, of course.
In our Parma Quilter's group, we decided to work on some charity quilts together.  Our church is donating about 70 quilts and pillowcases to a local shelter.  Here's how I joined in on the fun:
First, we did one girl and one boy quilt and we each made about five nine-patches for each one. 
For a girl quilt we decided on black, white and one bright color.  I took the stack of blocks home to put together the quilt top.
I started with all these fun blocks:
...And this is how I put them together:
I really like it!!  I think some teenage girl somewhere will love it!!
For our boy quilt, we did the same thing but we used blue and white with one red square in each nine-patch.  It turned out great too.  You'll have to go to our PQA site to see it though.
We wanted to do more than that so we decided to do a fabric swap and make some plus-sign quilts.
We each donated a variety of fabric in sets of five blocks (since a plus sign requires five blocks each.)  Then we each put together a quilt top with what we received.
Here's my block collection:

 ...And here's the layout I came up with:
Loved that one too!!
What a fun way to share with those in need.  The finished quilts will be delivered to the shelter in early December.  I feel honored to have been a small part of it.