Monday, May 23, 2011

More Mosaics and Some Springtime Birds

With Spring and the end of the school year colliding right now, I'm finding myself running in circles.
Busy -- Busy -- Busy!!
We're trying to get our yard and garden growing and looking good.
We've got kiddo activities left and right.
And then there's sewing... I try to squeeze some in whenever I can but it has only been a little bit lately. 
So this post is just to catch up on a few small finishes lately:

These are Mosaic Color Play squares from an IFQ swap.
This one came to me from Ann...

I this is the one I sent her.
 The next one came from Shirley...
 And this one I sent to her.


I've also dabbled a bit more in fabric post cards.
These cute little birds were inspired by a little note card that came with one of my swap blocks.
I had some fun with it
 I made some more bookmarks to match.
Most of them I shared with the great ladies in my reading group.
They're so cute!  
Maybe I ought to use one myself to mark my books instead of that silly scrap of paper I picked up off of my desk.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flowers and I Spy Swap

 I was so excited when I got a nice chubby envelope in the mail the other day.
It was from Sandra who hosted the I Spy Swap.
140 unique squares, all with pictures on them for making an I Spy quilt.  They are all 5" squares so it should be a nice sized quilt.  I think the kiddos will love it.

Now for some hexagon flowers...
I love the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap!  We get to make fun flowers to share and we receive even better ones from others.
These are the ones I've made for Anne-Mette in Denmark.

 And these are the ones I just received from her.
Aren't they perfect for my Black-Eyed Susan garden.
There is also lots more hexagon flower work to be seen at One Flower Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Flower Wednesday...

I'm trying to be better at getting one hexi-flower done each week.  Here's my newest:
There's many more for you to see at One Flower Wednesday.
And here is an update on my growing flower garden.  Not too big yet but I think it's pretty exciting.
Loving it!!

Another Great Novel

I found this book at the library recently and was immediately drawn to it because I love all of Shannon Hale's books.  She is an amazingly talented author and can really tell a great story.  The Actor and The Housewife is her newest book out and she did not disappoint!
It is the story of Becky Jack, Mormon housewife and mother of four, happens to run into Felix Callahan, Hollywood's hottest hunk and favorite actor.  This chance meeting turns into an unusual friendship.  A necessary friendship that helps each of them through some of life's toughest challenges.
Don't be turned off by the "Mormon housewife" idea.  It's not too churchy.  It's really no different than reading a story about a Catholic or Baptist or any other religious background and hearing about how someone reacts to situations based on their beliefs.  I find that reading books with a bit of different religious ideas is quite interesting.
Anyway, I caught myself laughing out loud several times and then at other times I was crying a puddle into my pillow.  (My husband kept looking at me like I was crazy.)  I like a good story that gives me an emotional ride and then leaves me feeling cozy and warm.
Yes, I would recommend this book.  Go find it!