Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween and Easter Collide!

I had the idea back in the spring when, after digging out our smashed Easter baskets, I realized that I needed something different.  I pondered this all summer (and procrastinated).  We needed something that would be easier to store.  
And why not make it to work for both goodie-collecting holidays?
So, here we have a reversible Halloween/Easter basket!!

They turned out to be so cute and fun that I made enough for my littles and some extra.
Now I have cute bags to work for both holidays and they store flat.
The kids are so excited too!

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Sharee said...

Hello Karyli,
I am a friend to Julieann and she showed me this and now I am wanting. Curse you Julie! Anyhow, by chance do you have a pattern you'd be willing to share with someone who only dreams of having skills such as yours? Seriously, your sewing genius behooves me.