Monday, February 28, 2011

Taa Daa...!

I suppose you could say I've been busy lately.  It's the end of the month and most of my swaps for February are swapped.  I did a little organizing.  And I started a new project - another ongoing one.  I'm a slow and steady kind of quilter.  You know - between all the other demands of family life, I get a little done any chance I get until someday in the future I can count it completed.
So, first, here is my new project:
I've decided that each week or so I'm going to make a set of animal blocks and someday make an animal quilt with them.  My first set are black bears.
These are paper foundation pieced and come from this book:
I bought this book almost ten years ago and have wanted to do this kind of quilt since then but just never jumped into it.  I've decided that it is now time, before my kiddos out grow a fun quilt like that.


I've been organizing a bit lately too...


Here are the results of my recent swaps:
From IFQ - the Mosaic Color Play block
I made this one using her center square and sent it to Nellie in Canada.
Cute little frogs.
This is the one Nellie made for me with my center square.
I love the colored dots that go so well with it.

I made this one for Natasha in Canada.  She wanted deep blues, green, or jewel tones in geometric shapes.  She gave me some choices of block patterns and I thought this one looked fun so this is what I came up with. I really loved working on it and she told me she loved it too when she got it.  I'm so glad!

This is the one Natasha made for me.  I want a sailboat theme but I left the pattern and colors up to her.  This is what she created and she nailed it!  It's perfect!  Complete with cloudy sky and water fabric!!
She also included a nice postcard (with a sailboat on it), the scraps from the block, and the cutest ever hexi-flower.  That little darlin' is made with 1/2" hexagons!!  Isn't it cute.
I love it all!!
I can hardly wait for next month's swaps!!

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Shannon said...

I love all of the block. Those bears are so cute. I love your stacks of fabric. So cool to see all the colors.