Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Great Novel

I found this book at the library recently and was immediately drawn to it because I love all of Shannon Hale's books.  She is an amazingly talented author and can really tell a great story.  The Actor and The Housewife is her newest book out and she did not disappoint!
It is the story of Becky Jack, Mormon housewife and mother of four, happens to run into Felix Callahan, Hollywood's hottest hunk and favorite actor.  This chance meeting turns into an unusual friendship.  A necessary friendship that helps each of them through some of life's toughest challenges.
Don't be turned off by the "Mormon housewife" idea.  It's not too churchy.  It's really no different than reading a story about a Catholic or Baptist or any other religious background and hearing about how someone reacts to situations based on their beliefs.  I find that reading books with a bit of different religious ideas is quite interesting.
Anyway, I caught myself laughing out loud several times and then at other times I was crying a puddle into my pillow.  (My husband kept looking at me like I was crazy.)  I like a good story that gives me an emotional ride and then leaves me feeling cozy and warm.
Yes, I would recommend this book.  Go find it!

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Shannon said...

I have never heard of her books. I will have to add them to my "must read" book list.