Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Gaggle of Goslings and other such PQA excitement...

Catch-up time.
Here's some of my summertime adventures with PQA.
(For more on what's going on and some of the other quilts, click the Parma Quilters Anonymous button on my sidebar.)

For May, I had Dawnel's cute baby boy quilt.  This is how I received it:
She painted the scene on the center block.  If you look close enough, you'll notice that the moon's hat is striped blue and white with black outlines.  I wanted to use that in the border I added.
 Here's a closer look.  All of the borders are fantastic.  I love it!
 I mitered those striped corners and they looked sharp!

 For June, since we are half way through the year, we decided to get our own back and add to it what we felt it might need to help it through the rest of the year.  I was excited about this because I had big plans for mine.
I cursed myself...
This is how I received it.
I did a 12" circle of flying geese for the center.
 I really wanted to use the circle of geese again somehow but I wasn't sure how.
I made miniatures!
I copied the pattern at 50% and made them into 6" squares...
Lots and Lots of  mini geese - goslings...
Dizzy Goslings!
 I won't go into detail about the hours spend and all the tiny pieces of fabric.... I was quite dizzy when I was through.
 And, here's how I added them to the quilt.  I wanted to elongate it some so it would be more usable for the kid's beds.
 I like it so much I'm giddy!
What Fun!

Come back later on and I'll show you the others I did this summer.


Annie said...

You do lovely work!

: )

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Love, love, LOVE the circle of geese.I like the colors you put together. And yes, hours of time but oh so well spent.

Shannon said...

I love what you did with both quilts. It is amazing to see such little pieces in those mini~flying geese. I loved working on your quilt!

Sandra said...

What a sweet quilt! Love the layout! The circle of geese block looks like a real challenge, but I'd say you have it mastered:)

LynCC said...

I really love both of the quilts on this post. Super mitered stripes on that border!! And the colors in the circle of geese project are my all-time favorites. Time well spent.