Friday, May 17, 2013

Sewing Lesson #1 - Pillow

I guess her official start was a while back when I let her sew some lines on paper without thread.  She first sewed straight lines that I drew on a paper.
Then she sewed along curved lines and other shapes.

After some time, she showed some interest again.
She's nine now, and she asked me to teach her how to sew.
I was delighted, of course, to see her interested in something I find so much pleasure in.
I asked her to make a list of things she would like to sew.
Then I looked it over and chose what I thought would be the easiest to start with.

We started with a pillow.
She chose some fabric from my stash, and we got to work.
We talked about: cutting, right-sides-together, seam allowances,
turning right-side out, etc.

She did a fantastic job!
I'm so proud of her and she loves it.
I hope she continues to love it like I do.


Nikki said...

HHOOORRRAAAAYYY! What a joy that must have been. That is fabulous and the pillow is cute, too!

Shannon said...

SO COOL!!!! It is a wonderful start to a new quilter!!