Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pity Party

Well, call it a pity party or just a splurge... Whatever.
I spent countless hours entering dozens of Sew-Mama-Sew give-aways (there were hundreds) in December and, oh the goodies that were out there to be had!  I can't tell you of the visions of sugar plums that danced in my head - or the chickens I counted before they were hatched.
My luck has apparently completely ran out because I didn't win a single thing.  I'm sure I'm the only person in all of quilt blogging world that walked away empty handed.
So, what does a girl in my pitiful situation do?  Throw pity party and go buy myself some gifts!
I made up for it in our local JoAnn's at their New Year's sale and bought some good stuff!
I feel much better.  :)
And, yes, I will still continue to enter those silly give-aways with the glimmer of hope that my luck will change.


Shannon said...

There is nothing wrong with a pitty party. LOL!! What a good looking bunch of gifts. Have fun with them.

JK Services said...

Well good luck to the lucky ones!! Maybe you should just turn your back on those give aways and then you would win.