Friday, April 15, 2011

It's already been loved...

I thought I should share this one with blog world.
 This is a string quilt I made for my second son when he was a baby.  He is 6 years old now and it still lives on  his bed.
I made this with whatever boyish scraps I could find in my limited collection at the time.  I love the bright yellow sashes.  He actually says yellow is his favorite color. 
 It's one of the first I machine quilted.
I had a bunch of colorful thread that my mother-in-law found at a yard sale and I used every decorative stitch my machine had... and had a good time with it.
 I love how it turned out!!
I keep telling myself that I need to do another one of these quilts... someday.


Wendy said...

Your string quilt is so cute and it sounds like your son really loves it. I've never done a string quilt...just a pillow but I really enjoyed putting it together and would love to do a complete string quilt some day.

Sandra said...

The highest compliment to a quilter? A quilt that is truely loved and enjoyed. What a great memory for your son.

Shannon said...

I love that quilt. The yellow is wonderful.

Janice said...

I love the quilt. I especially like the part about using the decorative thread and stitches. I think the freedom to do what you want to and try out new techniques and thread is one of the greatest things about creative sewing.

You should do another.

Pen Pen said...

I love this quilt, and I love that you used so many colors and stitches to quilt it! I have a new machine and I'm dying to try out all its stitches... hmmm... great idea!